We are seeking around 10 Kingsbridge residents who are willing to volunteer to take part in a flood forecasting project.
It will be managed by Devon County Council and it’s called the Devon Resilience Innovation Project (DRIP).  What’s it all about?? Kingsbridge is one of 5 communities across the county to be chosen as a pilot to develop and test technology to increase our resilience to surface water flooding which is not covered by the current Environment Agency warning service.  When heavy and intense rainfall is anticipated our volunteers will receive alert messages on their mobile phones and will be requested to feedback whether there has been flooding and its severity.  A remote workshop via Zoom will be arranged to explain the system.  The time commitment will be from 6 to 12 months.  The ambition here is to improve the forecasting of flooding in town.  So we really do need you and it doesn’t matter whereabouts you live in Kingsbridge.  If you are up for it? and wish to help your local community? then please let us know by Wednesday 7th February via email: reception@kingsbridge.gov.uk and please type in DRIP as the subject.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks ever so much.

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