Kingsbridge Town Art Project – we need your artwork!

Here’s a little distraction! Kingsbridge Town Council have organised a Town Art Project.

We want to encourage you to show us how you are coping and feeling this Lockdown and use art to do it. Creativity helps with stress and relaxing and helps us express our ideas and visions but also concerns and fears. This lockdown we are ALL focusing on staying safe from Covid and keeping the people we love safe.

KB town council would like to collect your art and use it in forthcoming projects throughout the town. We already have some plans and hope more will surface in 2021. Your art might appear on street banners or in flower beds!

We would love you to create something! Anything that reflects your mood, experience, hopes, concerns and your life. Show us, through art what your life looks like now, in this Lockdown.

We will collate the art and by submitting a piece, you give permission for your art to be used in a forthcoming project. We want everyone to feel included. There are NO restrictions on age or ability. You may be 5 or 80. You may do art for fun or professionally. You may want to draw, paint, produce something digital or in a unique way we haven’t thought of.  If you can – try to keep the artwork to A3 size to make reproduction easier.

Take your time. There is no rush. This is your project. There is no deadline. Enjoy the process.

We have an email that you can submit art to. You may want to scan and send. You may want to put it in an envelope and drop at the council offices. Please be covid safe and use the letterbox tot he side of the building. Of course you can also post entries. If you are an organisation, you may want to gather together and bring at once.

We are really excited to see your art and hope this collaborative project gives you a distraction, relaxation and a feeling of community.
Please share share share the message with home schoolers, carers, old, young, community groups and literally anyone in KB!

Email art to:
Post to:
Lockdown Art Project
Kingsbridge Town Council
Quay House
Ilbert Road
Don’t forget to include your name and contact details with your art and let us know if you need any help or further information.

Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 6pm – ‘Carols on the doorstep’

‘Have you got plans for Wednesday 16th December at 6pm?
Radio Devon has launched ‘Carols on the Doorstep’.
They would like everyone to join them from where they are and make a difference by lifting voices around our towns and villages!
BBC Radio Devon will provide the soundtrack if you bring your voices and you can download a carol sheet here:…/bbc-radio-devon-carols-on…
or by going to and clicking on ‘make a difference’.
We have also printed off some song sheets and have them in reception of Kingsbridge Town Council (open 9.30am-1pm).
So on Wednesday the 16th of December from 6pm, turn up your radio, get out on your doorstep and join in a great big Christmas singalong with your neighbours and BBC Radio Devon.
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