Health, Wellbeing and Leisure – Theme 5

Health, Wellbeing and Leisure – Theme 5

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

The achieving of physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing for all members of the community. The provision of new and improved built and open-air community facilities serving the whole area which should include but not limited to the provision of a community hall in Kingsbridge, which may involve the re-purposing of St Edmunds Church, Kingsbridge, more facilities for young people throughout the plan area including the re-provision of skate park, and additional recreational walking routes such as the Primrose Cycle Path and connections to the South West Coast Path.

This plan supports the work of South Hams Area Wellbeing or SHAW a not-for-profit local organisation that aims to help enable and educate local individuals to be resilient in their own wellbeing.

‘It is all about compassionate communities connecting local people of all generations with each other and with organisations, practitioners and agencies that can support and facilitate resilience with the main aim of improving lifestyle, knowledge, happiness and health

SHAW website 2019


KWAC HW 1 Loss of community facilities; development that results in the loss of existing community facilities will only be permitted if they are replaced by equivalent facilities of equal or higher quality or it can be demonstrated that they are no longer needed or are not financially viable.

The existing and valued community facilities within the plan area and their role will be described in the plan.

Where the loss of a community facility is justified as no longer viable the applicant must demonstrate through an independent assessment that the vacant unit has been actively marketed and offered at a reasonable sale price (comparable with valuations  achieved elsewhere in the District) for a minimum period of 2 years.

KWAC 2 New residential development; will be expected to deliver, either through onsite provision where that is practical or, make a financial contribution through a planning obligation towards open space, sports, play and/or community facilities as set out in the South Hams Open Space, Sport and Recreation (OSSR) Study 2017 – Quantity, Quality and Accessibility Standards. Any contribution should be directed towards the projects and priorities set out in the parish’s OSSR Plan.

KWAC 3 Recreation in the countryside; proposals that involve the use of land in the countryside to facilitate and enhance informal recreational activities and access related to the enjoyment and interpretation of the countryside will be supported where they would not have an adverse effect on the countryside, historic environment, and other land uses in the vicinity and would conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the AONB. Any proposals that improve access to existing public rights of way including the South West Coast path will be supported.

KWAC 4 A community centre for Kingsbridge; the plan supports the development of a new community centre for the town. The development to be located within the town shall serve the whole plan area and surrounding parishes. The accommodation shall include:

  • Multi-purpose hall for theatre, music performance and meetings;
  • Meeting rooms;
  • Small business hub;
  • Ancillary/ support facilities.
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