The Built Environment – Theme 4

The Built Environment – Theme 4

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

The plan sets as a priority the adoption of a brownfield first policy that focuses new development on existing sites within the settlement boundaries including; the regeneration of Fore Street, Kingsbridge, bringing redundant and empty units back into use, and the regeneration of Lower Union Road as a mixed-use development area. The plan proposes the delivery of a community supported development strategy for the Kingsbridge Quayside and town square. A high standard of design quality is proposed that is locally distinctive and respects the historic cores of the villages and town and their conservation areas. A set of design standards within and outside the conservation areas is proposed. The plan identifies a number of buildings within the villages and town that are considered by the community as local heritage assets that should be respected in future development within or beside an asset.  Some heritage assets are already designated and listed whereas others are non-designated and will be recorded in this plan.


KWAC BE1 Brownfield first; the Plan promotes the redevelopment of Previously Developed Land or ‘brownfield’-first strategy before ‘greenfield’ sites can be considered for development. This strategy is reflected in the site allocations proposed in the plan. However, the ‘greenfield’ sites allocated in the JLP ensures that there is flexibility in this policy by allowing greenfield development if there is proven demand that cannot be met by the brownfield-first approach. The brownfield sites identified in the plan and considered for re-development will be included in the plan.

KWAC BE2 Kingsbridge Quayside and town square; the Plan supports improvements to quayside and town square; these develop further the aims of JLP Policy TTV 10. The improvements and qualities include:

  • No net loss in the number of car parking spaces;
  • A sustainable transport hub for non-fossil fuel modes of transport;
  • Retained Southern slipway and easier access to the water;
  • Small scale tourist related employment units in the order of 200m2;
  • Space and service connections for temporary (pop-up) food and retail outlets;
  • Affordable homes in the order of 60 units addressing local needs;
  • Flood risk mitigation and management measures;
  • Relocation of the public toilets;
  • Relocation of the skateboard park;
  • Hotel (to be confirmed following public consultation)
  • Overall enhancement of the public realm while retaining the existing uses.

A development brief expanding on the above qualities will be included in the plan. All redevelopment of the Quayside and town square should respect this brief.

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