Affordable Housing – Theme 2

Affordable Housing – Theme 2

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

This plan supports the greater provision of truly affordable dwellings in Kingsbridge and West Alvington. This includes homes for all ages but particularly young families and the elderly. All provision should respond to local need in both the open market and rental sectors.  The policies should address concerns that the majority of recent new build housing development are or will become second homes and rental properties. The plan supports housing development outside the South Devon AONB and the use of Previously Developed Land (‘brownfield’) should be prioritised over ‘greenfield’ sites. In parallel with the plan a locally led delivery strategy is proposed that prioritises truly affordable homes that are sensitive to their rural setting. Beyond meeting a proven need for affordable housing for local people no additional new build housing provision is supported in Churchstow.


KWAC H1 Affordable Housing; proposals for affordable housing development on the sites identified in the Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan 2014 -2034 (JLP) and this plan will be supported. Such developments should where appropriate include proposals for Community Led Housing. The number of affordable homes to be delivered is in line with the need as defined by Devon Homes Choice or the local affordable housing register in place at the time. The range and size of dwellings especially single bed units is in line with the need as defined by Devon Homes Choice. Housing for the increasing number of elderly in the Parishes is provided in the form of sheltered, extra care or assisted living housing. Homes are proposed for rent or purchase.

KWAC H2 Market Housing; proposals for market housing will be supported within allocated sites of the JLP, on infill sites within the designated settlement boundaries of the Plan and as part of an exception site as set out in Policy KWAC H3 where the market housing is required to cross subsidise the affordable housing scheme. The housing should respond to local housing needs in terms of type, size and tenure. Consideration should be given to provision of housing solutions for young families and the increasing number of elderly in the Parishes in the form of development aimed at older persons, including market sale sheltered, extra care or assisted living housing. This Plan also supports opportunities for existing residents to downsize and make more  larger units available to the market.

KWAC H3 Exception Sites outside the settlement boundaries; the use of Exception Sites to deliver affordable housing will be supported in line with National Policy and JLP Policy TTV27. A site will only be permitted if it meets a proven need for affordable housing for local people and that management of the scheme will ensure that the dwellings continue to meet such proven needs for initial and subsequent occupiers.

Settlement boundaries  are designated for Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow and proposals for residential development on sites adjoining or within 400 metres walking distance of the settlement boundaries which would not otherwise be released for open market housing may be permitted, provided that it can be demonstrated that;

  1. The development should not have an unacceptable impact on the visual and landscape amenity of the area, the AONB ,and the design is in compliance with the South Devon AONB Management Plan and AONB Planning Guidance;
  2. The development provides a safe and suitable pedestrian route to the settlements;
  3. At South Hams District Council’s discretion, a small number of market homes not exceeding 40% of the homes or land take may be permitted where necessary for the development to be financially viable.
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