The Natural Environment – Theme 1

The Natural Environment – Theme 1

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

The plan sets out to protect and enhance the local environment of green and open spaces that surround and connect into the villages and town. All future development should have due regard of its impact on the AONB and the unique rural landscape character, the distinctive and separate settlements in the plan area. The relationship between the estuary should be respected as well as long and short uninterrupted views of the villages, town, historic and natural features.  The community benefit from a network of Local Green Spaces within the area, these are designated in the plan and should be respected. More allotments are proposed in West Alvington and Churchstow.


KWAC Env1 Settlement Boundaries; the designation of settlement boundaries for Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow will be established and included in the plan. These shall be used for determining planning applications in the plan area. Development proposals beyond these boundaries that would lead to any coalescence between the settlements will not be permitted.

KWAC Env2 Local Green Spaces (LGS); a number of green open spaces within the plan area are designated as LGS. These are small tracts of land, meet the criteria described in NPPF paragraph 100 and have been identified by the community as of special value and hold a particular significance to the place for their; beauty and tranquillity, historic significance, recreational value; high environmental quality; richness of habitats and wildlife; maintains the open character of the area or helps retain the historic setting of a settlement. Development within the LGS will only be supported if it is necessary for the enhancement of the LGS.

KWAC Env3 Safeguarding the AONB, Green Corridors and green infrastructure; all future development must have due regard of its impact on the AONB, Undeveloped Coast, Heritage Coast, the rural landscape and respect the guidance provided by the South Devon AONB Unit. Future development where appropriate must demonstrate an awareness and management of wildlife corridors through the plan area informed by the South Hams Green Infrastructure Framework.

This policy expands and develops at a local level JLP policies Dev 24 and Dev 25. The local features are described in the Wildlife Resource Map for the plan area and green corridors will be identified in the plan. Future development should respect these local features and constraints and promote walking and cycling routes to improve access to the natural and heritage assets of the Plan area.

KWAC Env4   Locally Important Views; There are a number of views across the parishes of Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow from public land and routes that are considered locally important. The views to the settlements, estuary, natural and historic features should be safeguarded in all future development within the Plan area. The views help define the landscape character of the AONB as outlined in the latest AONB Management Plan (Policy Lan/P6).  These views will be photographed and mapped for inclusion in the plan.

KWAC Env5   Prevention of light pollution; development should not detract from the unlit environment of the Parishes and minimise the impact on the night sky.

New development that increases the level of artificial light is a factor that threatens the survival of protected and threatened local wildlife. South Devon AONB Management Plan Policy LanP4 (Tranquility) and LanP5 (Skylines and visual intrusion) seek to reduce the impact of external lighting and nighttime scenic intrusion. When security and other outside lighting is used on private and public premises, including floodlighting, encouragement will be given to ensure that it is neighbourly in its use.  All external lighting should be deflected downwards rather than outwards or upwards and should when possible be switched off after midnight; any movement-sensors should be regulated to reduce illumination periods to a minimum.

The use of a high proportion of glass in walls and roofs without consideration of the impact on the environment when internally lit will be discouraged.

KWAC Env6   Prevention of Flooding; localised flooding is a regular hazard at various places within the Plan area particularly along existing water courses and along the Kingsbridge Quayside.

A mix of permanent improvements and regular maintenance is supported to eliminate regular flooding at the following specific areas:

  1. Kingsbridge Quayside
  2. Ilbert Road
  3. Fore Street
  4. Mill Street

Any proposals in the proximity of the Environment Agency flood risk areas should have due regard to reports of the historic flooding incidents prepared on behalf of Kingsbridge Town Council. There should be no adverse impact on local streams, leats, flood channels and neighbouring properties.

KWAC Env7   Carbon Reduction; all development including works to existing buildings should be designed and constructed to the highest standard of sustainable design, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. This plan develops at a local level the policies of JLP Dev32.

  1. The use of recycled and natural materials sourced within Devon is encouraged.
  2. The Parishes will work with SHDC to encourage householders and businesses to upgrade their premises and adopt practices and lifestyles that reduce their carbon footprint. This will include energy conservation, reduction of waste and avoidance of single use plastics.

KWAC Env8   Encouraging renewable energy and low carbon development; the development of small-scale renewable energy generation with supporting infrastructure will be encouraged, this includes:

  • Biomass; coppicing local woodland and hedgerows;
  • Hydro; power generation from local watercourses;
  • Small scale solar power when roof mounted on domestic, employment and agricultural buildings;
  • Ground source and air source heat pumps.

Wind turbines and large-scale ground mounted solar power are not considered appropriate methods of generation within the Plan area. For the purposes of this policy small scale is defined as less than 50Kwp.

KWAC Env9   Allotments; development that includes provision for community allotments will be supported. Allotments are proposed in West Alvington and Churchstow.

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