Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Jan 8, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

Strengths – positive things about the area. Weaknesses – negative things about the area. Opportunities – for the future. Threats – to avoid.

Strengths – positive things about the area

  • Attractive/idyllic setting of the town and villages
  • The AONB
  • Kingsbridge in Bloom-civic pride
  • Safe environment
  • Access to the estuary
  • Access to the countryside
  • Strong history and heritage
  • Critical mass of population
  • A real market town and hub
  • Distinctive villages with their own identity
  • Strong sense of community, support and friendly
  • Good education standards
  • Small schools
  • Outstanding young people
  • Mainly independent shops
  • Good range of services (shops, health, education and leisure)
  • Strong tourism industry

Weaknesses – negative things about the area

  • Lack of affordable homes
  • Low average local salaries making most market housing unaffordable
  • Younger residents caught in a high rental cost trap
  • Empty and deteriorating premises
  • Lacking identity (some say dull!)
  • Ageing population
  • Apathy and usually only reactive
  • Working population lacks time to engage fully
  • Limited jobs and career opportunities (especially for young people)
  • Shortage of higher skills training locally
  • Poor transport network and remoteness from the strategic road and rail network;
  • Rural isolation of young and old
  • No hotel
  • No community centre in Kingsbridge
  • Declining street care

Opportunities – for the future

  • Make area more Eco friendly
  • Celebrate the town and village’s history
  • Improve estuary and countryside access
  • Use area around the leisure centre
  • Reinvigorate Fore Street, develop underused floors
  • Develop brownfield and under used sites, especially Lower Union Road
  • Increase pedestrian access and make more pedestrian friendly
  • More engagement and opportunities for young people
  • Better facilities for the disabled and elderly
  • More community events/ cohesion
  • Encourage small business, artisans and creative industries
  • Promote digital coms to respond to rural isolation
  • Make best use of local skills and experience

Threats – to avoid

  • Young people continue to leave
  • Land and housing costs unaffordable
  • Market housing completely unaffordable on local salaries
  • Too high shop rental costs
  • Independent traders leave
  • Increasing second home ownership
  • Over and uncontrolled development in some areas
  • Encroachment on AONB
  • Villages and town coalesce
  • Inappropriate development not supported by the community
  • Increasing traffic congestion and car use
  • Loss of car parking
  • Inaccessibility continues
  • Increasing flooding
  • Historic buildings deteriorate further
  • Light pollution in countryside
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