Kingsbridge Town Council manages a vehicle activated speed warning sign which can be moved between allocated locations in town.

The sign has been supplied to help reduce vehicle speed and research identifies that they make our roads much safer.  A successful funding bid was made to the Town And Parish Fund for 50% of the costs.

Blank most of the time, if an approaching vehicle is travelling faster than a pre-set speed threshold, the sign lights up and shows the speed limit with the warning message: SLOW DOWN.  This alerts drivers to reduce their speed to a safe level.

Devon County Council, in liaison with the Police, have a joint procedure to investigate speeding concerns called SCARF (Speed Compliance Action Review Forum) where vehicle speed data is obtained over a specified period.  Five locations in Kingsbridge have been investigated and this is where the warning sign operates: Cookworthy Road and Embankment Road (both A379), Duncombe Street, Stentiford Hill and West Alvington Hill.  For example, a SCARF survey conducted in summer 2016 highlighted that almost 50% of all vehicles travelling uphill towards West Alvington were in excess of the 30mph limit and 25% driving downhill into Kingsbridge were also driving too fast.  The speed sign will operate over a 2 to 3 week period at each location.

Councillor Anne Balkwill, Town Mayor, said:  “Please keep to the speed limit when driving around town to ensure we sustain Kingsbridge as a safe environment for all”.

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