Local Government Act 1972
Section 87(2)


Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists in the office of Town Councillor for the North Ward of Kingsbridge.
Unless ten or more electors of the Kingsbridge North Ward, on or before the  25th October 2018, submit a request in writing for an election to be held, the Town Council will take steps to fill the vacancy by      co-option.

Requests must be sent to the Returning Officer, South Hams District Council, Follaton House, Plymouth Road, Totnes, TQ9 5NE.


M D Johnson
Town Clerk
5th October 2018


Cllr David Baisie

We regret to report that Councillor David Baisie passed away on
28th September in Derriford Hospital after a long illness.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to David’s family and friends at this time.

Consultation begins for Neighbourhood Plan for Kingsbridge, West Alvington & Churchstow

Kingsbridge Town Council has applied to South Hams District Council to write a
neighbourhood plan for the parishes of Kingsbridge, West Alvington & Churchstow. This
plan will consider how and where future development could take place in those parishes. We
are asking for your thoughts on whether the proposed plan area is appropriate. If the area is
approved, there will be an opportunity for you to get involved in what you would like to see in
the plan.
The deadline for receiving comments on the proposed plan area is 7th November 2018.

Further information and how to send your comments can be found on the South Hams District Council website (*scroll down to the bottom of page for Kingsbridge):


KCC Mural in Duncombe Park


As part of the Kingsbridge Community College Challenge week, 15 students took part in a Graffiti project sponsored by Kingsbridge Town Council. On day one, students visited Bristol for the day where they were taken on a graffiti tour of the city centre by ‘Where The Wall’, a Company that runs educational tours of Bristol’s street art. After the tour students worked with actual graffiti artists to learn the skills to spray stencil art. On day two the students created a mural in Duncombe Park, inspired by the art of Sir Peter Blake and completed using the same skills the students had learnt in Bristol. Cllr Philip Cole said ‘the students have worked so hard on the mural and it looks fabulous, we clearly have some budding Jackson Pollocks in our town!’



Speed warning sign


Kingsbridge Town Council manages a vehicle activated speed warning sign which can be moved between allocated locations in town.

The sign has been supplied to help reduce vehicle speed and research identifies that they make our roads much safer.  A successful funding bid was made to the Town And Parish Fund for 50% of the costs.

Blank most of the time, if an approaching vehicle is travelling faster than a pre-set speed threshold, the sign lights up and shows the speed limit with the warning message: SLOW DOWN.  This alerts drivers to reduce their speed to a safe level.

Devon County Council, in liaison with the Police, have a joint procedure to investigate speeding concerns called SCARF (Speed Compliance Action Review Forum) where vehicle speed data is obtained over a specified period.  Five locations in Kingsbridge have been investigated and this is where the warning sign operates: Cookworthy Road and Embankment Road (both A379), Duncombe Street, Stentiford Hill and West Alvington Hill.  For example, a SCARF survey conducted in summer 2016 highlighted that almost 50% of all vehicles travelling uphill towards West Alvington were in excess of the 30mph limit and 25% driving downhill into Kingsbridge were also driving too fast.  The speed sign will operate over a 2 to 3 week period at each location.

Councillor Anne Balkwill, Town Mayor, said:  “Please keep to the speed limit when driving around town to ensure we sustain Kingsbridge as a safe environment for all”.

South Hams District Council is cracking down on dog owners

South Hams District Council is cracking down on dog owners who have their dogs off the lead in public areas, or who don’t clean up after their dogs.

Public Space Protection Orders have been introduced across the South Hams, clarifying where it will be mandatory to keep dogs on a lead. In some areas, such as children’s play areas, dogs are banned entirely.In addition, the new laws give authorised council officers the power to request that an owner place their dog on a lead in any open public area where the dog is causing a nuisance or likely to do so.During the summer months, dogs are not permitted on a number of beaches in the South Hams, and officers will be able to issue on the spot fines for those ignoring this regulation.Failure to comply with the PSPO or a request from a council officer is punishable by an on-the-spot fine of £100.
Uniformed Officers will be patrolling regularly from early July.

Where must I have my dog on a lead in Kingsbridge?

Good dog ownership & common sense dictate that dogs should be on a lead near roads, livestock, wildlife and any area or activity where close control is needed.

Dogs must be on a lead (The Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, Public Spaces Protection Order 2017; Control of Dogs) in the following locations:

  • Car parks.
  • Cemeteries and Churchyards.
  • Marked sports fields whilst organised sport is in progress.


Formal gardens listed as:

  • Kingsbridge Quayside and Market Square (including bandstand)
  • Recreation ground, Kingsbridge including the Embankment footpath and grass strip to include the Town Square
  • The Slipway, Quay Car Park, Kingsbridge
  • Bus Station, Kingsbridge
  • All public footpaths within Kingsbridge town boundary

Dogs on Leads by Direction

An authorised Council Officer will have the power to request that an owner place their dog on a lead in any open public area where the dog is causing a nuisance or likely to do so.

Failure to comply with these directions could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 or a fine of up to £1000 if the matter goes to Court.