SUNDAY 11TH AUGUST 2019 – 11am-4pm

Kingsbridge Town Council have announced a Community Event to celebrate our fabulous green space – Kingsbridge Recreation Park!

The park has the only Green Flag in the whole of the South Hams and we feel this is a very good reason to have a bash – with music and fun and activities throughout the day – a lot of which will be free!!

The event will take place on Sunday 11th August 2019 between 11am and 4pm and the Cafe will be open from start to finish serving a take away service.

Free leaflets with a timetable will be available in the next couple of weeks to pick up from our offices here at Quay House, The Kingsbridge Information Centre and Kingsbridge Library as well as to print off from our website – watch this space!

Click here to see our poster:LOVE YOUR PARK 2019



Community Champions 2019 announced!


Kingsbridge Community Champions 2019 

On Tuesday 11th June at the Kingsbridge Full Town Council meeting, Deputy Mayor Mike Jennings presented the awards for this year’s Kingsbridge Community Champions in front of fellow Councillors and other members of the public. This is the third year for the new style awards and the aim is to recognise the fabulous contributions that local people make to ensure that Kingsbridge is a great place to work, rest and play.


The winners for 2019 are as follows (from left):

Lawrence Townsend
In recognition for all his voluntary work with Christian Aid, Talking Newspapers, Cornelius Fund and the Mens Breakfast Club.

David Cripps
In recognition for helping to keep Kingsbridge clean and tidy by litter picking around the town as well as his weekly voluntary work for Dodbrooke Church.

Liz Raeburn
Tirelessly fundraising for many different worthy causes, organising basketball training for a group of special needs adults and all her work with Activities 115 based in Fore Street.

Sandy Gilbert
For her selfless devotion, time and energy to promote and raise funds for Kingsbridge and Saltstone Caring.

Gary Jolliffe
Pioneering the Social Enterprise ‘Till the Coast is Clear’, tackling marine pollution by travelling the coastline collecting rubbish from remote locations and recycling 100% of what is collected.

Separate photo as unable to attend:

Dave Griffiths
Always happy to go that extra mile helping in Kingsbridge, whether it is climbing on top of The Information Centre to fix a clock or hanging banners around the town.






Kingsbridge Town Council – Councillor Vacancy

Following May’s local elections there is a vacancy on Kingsbridge Town Council to be filled. In local government ‘speak’ the process is known as co-option and the position is available up to May 2023 when the next local council elections take place. Therefore, expressions of interest are now being invited.
Applicants much be at least 18 years old; a British, Commonwealth or EU citizen; and meet at least one of the following 4 qualifications: you are a Kingsbridge elector, or for the last 12 months have occupied as owner or tenant land or other premises in Kingsbridge, or your principal or only place of work during that 12 months has been in Kingsbridge, or you have lived in Kingsbridge or within 3 miles of it for the last 12 months. No formal qualifications are required and the Town Council is made of people from all walks of life with various backgrounds. However, what you do need is a passion for all things Kingsbridge and a commitment to attend various meetings to make your voice heard. Being a Town Councillor is a huge responsibility but incredibly rewarding.
People often ask “what do local councils do?” and ultimately it’s quite simple: the aim is to sustain Kingsbridge as a great place to live, work and play. Therefore, the Town Council’s task is to engage with the local community, to take on board the needs and wishes of residents, and to try, whenever and wherever it can, to make sure that something is done about them. If it’s not within the gift of the Town Council to directly help then hopefully it can support and lobby on behalf of townsfolk.
If you are interested??? then please get in touch with Martin Johnson, Town Clerk, by phone on 01548.857073, email at
clerk@kingsbridge.gov.uk, write to Quay House, Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge, TQ7 1DZ or drop into the Council Offices. However, we wish to crack on so need to hear from you by latest Friday 21st June

Kingsbridge Annual Town Meeting Saturday 16th March at the Town Square

It’s mandatory for town and parish councils to hold an Annual Town Meeting for their local electors between March and June.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide the opportunity for their residents to receive reports on local council business and to discuss community business
The Annual Town Meeting 2019 for Kingsbridge residents, like previous years, is being held as an interactive drop-in session on Saturday morning 16th March in the Town Square during the Farmers Market. This is a super opportunity to speak to your Town Councillors, offer up your own good ideas, come up to speed with the latest news and get that nagging issue ‘off your chest’.

How will the Town Council spend its portion of your council tax next financial year 2019/2020?  Have you viewed the Public Realm Guidelines adopted by the Town Council which propose improvements for Fore Street and beyond?  What stage is the Kingsbridge, West Alvington & Churchstow Neighbourhood Plan at? Indeed, have you considered standing to be a Town Councillor yourself in the local elections on 2nd May? (information packs will be available).

Kingsbridge Town Council is the local authority closest to Kingsbridge residents.  It is consulted on nearly everything that happens in the Kingsbridge community and is responsible for a wide range of public realm business in the town.  We’ve said it many times before but whether you are at work, rest or play the Town Council is probably involved somewhere to a greater or lesser degree.  Town Councillors will be able to explain the council’s role and to answer your questions.  Let’s have a conversation….