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Welcome to Kingsbridge, West Alvington and Churchstow Neighbourhood Development Plan

We are writing the Plan document in stages putting the draft onto this site as we go along. We welcome your comments by using the red Feedback email button.

Vision Statement

The Plan sets out to celebrate and sustain the unique characteristics of the market town of Kingsbridge, the distinct and separate villages of West Alvington and  Churchstow, and the estuary and...

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The Natural Environment – Theme 1

The plan sets out to protect and enhance the local environment of green and open spaces that surround and connect into the villages and town. All future development should have due regard of its...

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Affordable Housing – Theme 2

This plan supports the greater provision of truly affordable dwellings in Kingsbridge and West Alvington. This includes homes for all ages but particularly young families and the elderly. All...

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Business and the Economy – Theme 3

Sustaining the local tourism industry and activities that support it, such as marine and land- based leisure is the highest priority. The plan supports a vibrant high street with independent shops...

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The Built Environment – Theme 4

The plan sets as a priority the adoption of a brownfield first policy that focuses new development on existing sites within the settlement boundaries including; the regeneration of Fore Street,...

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Health, Wellbeing and Leisure – Theme 5

The achieving of physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing for all members of the community. The provision of new and improved built and open-air community facilities serving the whole area which...

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