Plan Appendices and Evidence

Plan Appendices and Evidence

Oct 10, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

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A1 Basic Conditions Statement 

A2 Consultation Statement

A3 Local Green spaces

A3.1 Local Green Spaces Kingsbridge Map

A3.1a Local Green Spaces West Alvington Map

A3.1b Local Green Spaces Churchstow Map

A3.1c Kingsbridge Open Space and Recreation Map

A4 Locally Important Views

A5 Local Heritage Assets

A5.1 Local Heritage Assets Map

A6 Economic Strategy Research Report

A6.1 Economic Strategy Research Report Appendices

A7 Affordable Housing

A8 Housing Needs Assessment HNA

A9  HRA SEA Screening Opinion


B1 Green Corridors

B2 AONB Management Plan 2019 – 2024

B3 South Hams Green Infrastructure Framework

B4 Landscape Character of South Hams

B4a Key Landscape Character Areas for the Plan area

B5 Landscape Character Assessment for South Hams and West Devon

B6.1 Sustainable Kingsbridge

B6.2 Sustainable Kingsbridge

B6.3 Sustainable Kingsbridge

B7 Action 2020

B8 South Hams Local Plan 1989 to 2001 (Kingsbridge)

B9 Quayside Master Plan Oct 2017

B10 South Hams KWAC Census data 2011

B11 Retail and Leisure Study

B12 Kingsbridge Settlement Boundary

B12a West Alvington Settlement Boundary

B12b Churchstow Settlement Boundary

B13 Kingsbridge Devon Historic Coastal and Market Towns Survey

B14-Brownfield Sites map

B15 Parish Boundaries

B16 JSNA Community Profile 2017pdf

B17 DBRC Wildlife Resource Kingsbridge

B17a DBRC Wildlife Resource West Alvington

B17b DBRC Wildlife Resource Churchstow

B18 South Hams Housing Key Stats 2020

B19 Flood map

B20 Kingsbridge Events

B20a West Alvington Events

B20b Churchstow Events

B21 Kingsbridge Monuments

B21a West Alvington Monuments

B21b Churchstow Monuments

B22 Listed Buildings

B23 JLP Designated Sites

B24 Allocated and Consented Housing

B25 Kingsbridge Open Space, Sport & Recreation Plan 2018-2028

B26 JLP Member workshop Sept 2020

B27 Stakeholder session 2nd November 2020

B28 Kingsbridge Feasibility Action Plan 2004

B29 Kingsbridge Feasibility Study Baseline2003

B30 Kingsbridge Feasibility Study Consultation

B31 Housing Strategy 2021 – 2026

B32 Kingsbridge Primary Shopping Area Brief

B33 Lower Union Road and Western Backway Regeneration Area Development Brief

B34 Kingsbridge Quayside and Town Square Development Brief

B35 Union Road Mixed Use Development Study 2007

B36 Brownfield Sites Review

B37 SHDC Biodiversity Network Creation Process 2017

B38 DCC Extra Care Housing Report

B39 West Alvington Traffic Highways Appraisal

B40 Kingsbridge Critical Drainage Area Environment Agency 2015

B41 NCC Second and Holiday Homes Technical Paper


C1 Questionnaire Analysis

C2 Churchstow Questionnaire

C3 NP Banner

C4 NP Window

C5 Press Cuttings

C6 Reg 14 Consultation Examples

C7 NP Posters for shop windows

C8 Reg 14 response pro-forma final

C8 Reg 14 response pro-forma

C9 Reg 14 covering letter households and businesses-1

C10 Reg 14 Consultation-Distribution-List

C11 SG response to SHDC Pre Reg 14 Comments April 21

C12 Reg 14 Consultation Feedback

C13 Response to SHDC REg 14 comments


D1 AONB Management Plan 2014-2019

D2 Draft Settlement Boundaries 2017


D4 Local Heritage Listing Historic England

D5 Low carbon Neighbourhood Planning guide

D6 Plymouth and SW Devon JLP 2014-2034

D7 Devon Home Choice User Guide 2016



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