Key Themes and Objectives

Key Themes and Objectives

Jan 8, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

In order of priority the themes, their aims and objectives supporting the Plan proposed are;
1. The Natural Environment

  • Protect the natural environment;
  • Respect the AONB designation;
  • Prevent coalescence of settlements
  • Prevent flooding;
  • Carbon and energy reduction;

  • Designation of settlement boundaries for the villages and town;
  • Designate appropriate locations as Local Green spaces;
  • Conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the AONB
  • Establish natural green corridors;
  • Identify locally important views that should be respected;
  • Effectively manage levels of light pollution;
  • To effectively manage flood risk in new development;
  • Energy conservation, increase the production of renewable energy, reduction of waste, and avoidance of single use plastics.
2. Housing and Homes

  • Truly affordable homes;
  • Starter homes and low-cost rental homes;
  • Only limited and fully justified encroachment on the AONB;
  • Address the needs of the elderly young people and young families.

  • The delivery of affordable housing responding to local needs;
  • Market housing responding to local needs and helping deliver affordable housing;
  • Promotion of exception sites through Community Land Trusts and local community led initiatives.
3. Employment, Economy & Training

  • Sustain and enhance Kingsbridge’s role as a market town;
  • Maintain and enhance services and facilities in the area;
  • Support and grow the local employment base;
  • Promote the local tourism industry;
  • A vibrant re-invigorated high street in the town;
  • Better locations of some employment uses;
  • Encourage more training.;

  • Provide additional employment space of different sizes and tenures helping small businesses and start-ups;
  • Regeneration of under used employment areas;
  • Support the central shopping area of the town;
  • Support the diversification and expansion of tourism businesses.
4.The Built Environment

  • Minimise development of Greenfield sites;
  • Enhancements to Kingsbridge Quayside and town square
  • Regeneration of Lower Union Road, the Western Backway and other historic employment areas;
  • Respecting non- designated heritage assets;
  • To conserve the area’s designated heritage assets

  • Prioritise development of ‘Brownfield’ sites;
  • A development brief for the Quayside and town square;
  • A development brief for Lower Union Road and Western Backway area; Development considerations inside and outside the conservation areas;
  • The listing and conservation of local heritage assets.
5. Sustainable Transport

  • Make Kingsbridge a sustainable transport hub
  • That the villages are well connected to the hub;
  • Address rural isolation and connection with the strategic transport network;
  • Safe routes for walkers and cyclists;
  • More residents and visitor parking in the villages;
  • Promote non-fossil fuel modes of transport.

  • Propose sustainable routes for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists;
  • Propose non fossil fuel hubs in the town and villages;
  • Propose car parking standards and no net loss of spaces;
  • New car parking areas in the villages;
  • An integrated transport statement for the area.
6. Health and Wellbeing

  • A healthy community;
  • Better outside recreation activities and improved access;
  • Maintain and enhance access to the water for recreation.

  • No loss of community facilities;
  • Support new and improved community facilities especially for young people of 11-18yrs;
  • Support new development contributing towards new community provision;
  • Enhance recreation in the countryside and estuary;
  • Support and identify a site for a Kingsbridge community centre.
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