Development Brief 2 – Lower Union Road and Western Backway Regeneration

Development Brief 2 – Lower Union Road and Western Backway Regeneration

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

Lower Union Road and Western Backway Regeneration Area

1. Purpose of this Development Brief

The employment areas around Lower Union Road has been recognised for over 20 years as having the potential for revitalisation and helping deliver the employment needs of the area. Although land owners have improved individual sites with some success there has been no comprehensive approach. A study commissioned through the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative for Kingsbridge Town Council (Union Road Mixed Use Development Study 2007 by Roger Tym and Partners) identified the potential development opportunities and next steps. Unfortunately little or no action has been taken on the recommendations of the study, which  included:

      • Potential for mixed use of employment and residential uses;
      • Access and public realm improvements and directing public funding to this;
      • Establishment of a landowners forum;
      • Adopting a ‘comprehensive’ master planning approach;
      • Proactive engagement with delivery partners.

This brief sets out to move the regeneration process forward  and elaborates and develops Neighbourhood Plan policy KWAC Em2 (the regeneration and intensification of employment sites) and KWAC Em4 (Mixed use employment) and KWAC BE1 (Brownfield First)

2. Brief Requirements

The area defined within the orange line of figure 1 is considered appropriate for mixed development. This area includes all the brownfield land between the Cookworthy Road and the Central Shopping Area of Kingsbridge.

Within the regeneration area the following should apply:

      1. A landowner’s forum should be established and facilitated by public bodies- the objective of the forum would be to offer support for existing landowners to improve and develop their sites including identifying funding and technical support.
      2. A comprehensive master planning approach is taken drawing on the recommendations of past studies and best practice. Public funding should be sought to prepare the masterplan.
      3. Fundamental to the regeneration of the area is the improved and safe pedestrian linkages through the area and linking the central shopping area to car parking areas and residential areas. The opening up of the Western Backway and providing public routes off it are critical to this objective and will require private landowner support.
      4. Properties to the West and rear of Fore Street and the Central Shopping Area should form part of the regeneration area as they are integral to the linkages across the area. Landowners should be afforded the same benefits of mixed use and intensification.
      5. At Union Road and its surroundings ancillary retail and residential uses as part of live work or small infill residential developments will be permitted providing the employment uses are not compromised.
      6. In mixed use developments only B1 employment uses will be permitted.
      7. Mixed use includes live-work units which are defined as development of sufficient size to accommodate a genuine business use and that any residential accommodation will be ancillary to that use.
      8. Proposals for substantial residential accommodation with a token area given over to business use will be supported but considered to be residential development with home working.
      9. Significant amounts of traffic and need for additional car parking that cannot be served by the existing and improved infrastructure will not be supported.
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