Development Brief 3 – Quayside and Town Square

Development Brief 3 – Quayside and Town Square

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

Kingsbridge Quayside and Town Square

1. Purpose of this development brief

The quayside and town square located at the head of the estuary are probably the most distinctive features of the town. This area provides passive and active recreation facilities, the venue for fairs, markets, car parking, a transport hub, bus station, tourist information centre, public toilets, boat parking, small boat marina and slipway access to the water. The Kingsbridge Leisure centre and pool is the envy of many local towns with a wide range of facilities. The pool was delivered through significant public donations and local fund raising. The leisure centre is quite remote from the town centre; any measures that improve connections and access to the centre particularly for pedestrians will be supported.

The local authority has long held ambitions to develop parts of the quayside, the local community recognise that there are opportunities to regenerate and develop parts of the area whist maintaining the existing qualities and functions of the quayside. Differences exist between the community and the local authority on what form and scope the regeneration should take. Previous attempts to produce a masterplan for the area have been unsuccessful in part due the differences in ambition, scale and the level of community engagement undertaken during the master planning process.

The Neighbourhood Plan recognises that the improvements proposed at the quayside and town square must balance activities that support the community and economically generating uses. This brief sets out to achieve the following objectives:

      1. Safeguard the main car parking area for the town;
      2. Introduce employment generating mixed use development that supports the marine leisure and tourism industry;
      3. Additional affordable housing for local people;
      4. Introduce a sustainable transport hub;
      5. Develop more opportunities for water based recreation;
      6. Improve linkages between the leisure centre, the town and neighbourhoods.

This brief sets out to move the regeneration process forward in full consultation with the community and elaborates and develops Neighbourhood Plan policy KWAC BE2 ( Kingsbridge Quayside and town square) and the aims of Joint Local Plan Policy TTV 10.

2. Brief Requirements

The area defined within the purple line of figure 2 is considered appropriate for regeneration. The area comprises the quayside car park, the town square, cattle market carpark, the Leisure Centre, the site of the former Rope Walk Centre. Existing development surrounding the carparks are included; many of the uses are established with a sustainable future and should not be compromised by future development however some sites could benefit from partial or full re-development.


Figure 1 Quayside Development Area

Within the regeneration area the following should apply;

      1. No net loss in the number car parking spaces;
      2. A sustainable transport hub for non-fossil fuel modes of transport;
      3. Retained and enhanced Southern slipway with easier access to the water;
      4. Small scale tourist related employment units in the order of 200m2;
      5. Marine related employment uses and storage adjacent to the slipway that would support expanded water based recreation such as canoeing, paddle boarding, dinghies and marina uses;
      6. Space and service connections for temporary(pop-up) food and retail outlets;
      7. Truly affordable homes in the order of 60 units addressing local needs. These units could form part of a mixed used development complying  with policy KWAC Em4;
      8. Where appropriate improvements to existing residential development;
      9. Recognising the importance of the Leisure Centre to the town and the quayside improving access and linkages to it and where appropriate new development could connect directly to it;
      10. Retention of the existing mature trees;
      11. Flood risk mitigation and management measures complying with Policy KWAC Env6;
      12. Relocation of the public toilets;
      13. Relocation of the skateboard park;
      14. Hotel (to be confirmed following public consultation)
      15. Overall enhancement of the public realm that improves access and safe links across the area for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.
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