Development Brief 1 – Central Shopping Area

Development Brief 1 – Central Shopping Area

Jan 20, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

Kingsbridge Central Shopping Area

1. Purpose of this Development Brief

Kingsbridge as a market town provides the shopping needs of the town and the wider rural area. As the town grows with more planned development there is need to sustain the existing level of retail provision (approximately 100 shops) and discourage any loss in retail floor space. The Neighbourhood Plan recognises that the economic and social drivers to high streets are changing. To help achieve a sustainable central shopping area for the future this brief sets out to achieve the following objectives:

    1. Concentration of the retail provision in the central shopping area.
    2. Promote flexibility in future uses predominantly retail but encouraging complementary mixed uses that will support the retail function such as, offices, residential, community, leisure and hotel accommodation.
    3. Support for temporary uses and street markets that complement the permanent retail offer.
    4. Reinforcement of the locally and historic distinctiveness of Fore Street and its surroundings, that make visits enjoyable and memorable .
    5. Good connections and routes to surrounding neighbourhoods and car parking.
    6. Improvement of the urban landscape through greening and improved hard landscape features and fittings.

To help concentrate the retail provision and maintain the character and compactness of the historic main street (Fore Street) this brief supporting the Neighbourhood Plan defines the area where new shopping development is promoted.

There are two supermarkets (total floor area approximate 5000m2 on the periphery of the central shopping area and should be considered complimentary to it.

Within and surrounding the Central Shopping Area there is the opportunity to implement a range of environmental and streetscape improvements. These would make shopping safer and a more enjoyable experience. Many of these improvements are proposed in a feasibility study commissioned by Kingsbridge Town Council (Kingsbridge Fore Street Public Realm Improvements-Meiloci 2019) the links to and from the Central Shopping Area for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists also need attention.

This brief elaborates and develops Neighbourhood Plan policy KWAC Em3 (Support for the central shopping area of Kingsbridge)

2. Brief Requirements

The areas defined within the yellow lines of figure 1 are considered the central shopping area. This area includes; all properties facing Fore Street from the Town Square running North to Duncombe Street, Mill Street, the Southern end of Bridge Street and the town centre section of Ilbert Road. The central area also includes Tescos supermarket off Cookworthy Road and the surrounding private and public car parks. The area comprising the Morrisons Supermarket and surrounding car parks is considered part of the Central Shopping Area . Although separated from Fore Street safe pedestrian linkages between the two areas is an important consideration in future plans. This need for safe, attractive routes is addressed further in the Development Brief for the Lower Union Road area.

Within the Central shopping area the following should apply;

      1. Encouragement of User Class A1 and limits on non-shopping uses (A2 and A3) at ground level.
      2. Support for flats over shops in vacant or under-used accommodation at upper levels.
      3. Ancillary uses will be permitted providing they do not undermine the shopping and historic characteristics of the of Fore Street and the central shopping area.
      4. The amenity of existing uses should not be compromised with new development through noise, smells and congestion on pavements.
      5. Existing parking space numbers should be retained and where possible increased.
      6. Existing and future community halls and venues including proposals to redevelop Saint Edmunds Church should be linked directly to the Central Shopping Area and supporting car parks.
      7. Special consideration should be made when re-designing footways, surfaces, signage and all street furniture for the needs of the elderly and those with special needs and have barrier free access.
Kingsbridge Central Shopping Area

Figure 1 Kingsbridge Central Shopping Area (lined in yellow) and Lower Union Road and Western Backway (lined in orange)


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