Coronavirus April 2020

Coronavirus April 2020

Apr 7, 2020 | Neighbourhood Plan

The Steering Group is still working at writing sections of the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan document, based on local people’s views from our community questionnaire.  If national or local planning priorities or financial constraints change as a result of the current crisis, we will reflect this in the Plan once this is clear.

We will put each new draft section of the plan onto this website so you can read it and gradually get a feel for what the final document will look like,  The plan will have seven main sections with planning policy statements set out in a separate section, plus a lot of back-up data in appendices (Document Reference Library on this site).  We are about to start now on writing the two sections which explain the rationale for the policies.

We welcome all feedback at this stage to make sure we are producing a document people understand easily and which reflects local residents’ and businesses views.  Please comment if you wish using the email FEEDBACK response button on the right of the main web page.

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