Latest News/Press release

Latest News/Press release

Mar 3, 2021 | Neighbourhood Plan

The draft plan will be out for consultation to the community and businesses soon!

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group members, supported by other local residents have continued working on the detailed content of the Neighbourhood Plan during the pandemic lockdowns and have now nearly completed a full draft of the Plan document. We would like thanks all the volunteers from the community who have help get us to this stage, particularly the residents of West Alvington and Churchstow who have devoted their limited resources and spare  time to help produce the best plan possible reflecting everyone’s vision of the future.

The plan’s policies  cover safeguarding our natural environment, the challenging issue of affordable housing, supporting local businesses, our rural market town economy, improving our built environment, more sustainable transport and promoting the health and wellbeing of all age groups in the community.

We aim to finish this stage of the Plan in the first half of April and will then start formal public consultation to get feedback from local residents before the plan is finalised and officially submitted to South Hams District Council as the plan for our area . This phase will probably last two or three months, depending on how much feedback we receive.

Because of Covid restrictions, most of this consultation will be carried out  online however, for those who don’t like computers, printed copies of the Plan and response forms will be available.  As the restrictions are reviewed and, we hope eased, we will try to arrange some appropriately distanced live discussions, perhaps using an open air location like a stall in the Farmer’s Market.

Much of the detailed evidence to support the policies in the Neighbourhood Plan is already available to view on this website in the Document Reference library  where you can see a good deal of detail about local green spaces, wildlife corridors, locally important views and heritage buildings that the plan will be identifying and respecting.

As soon as the body of the draft plan  is complete for this stage it will also be made available on this website. We are currently working on a live electronic feedback questionnaire which will be added to the website to make giving us feedback as easy as possible.

The material on the website gives the scope and scale of the plan and is expanding steadily. We would like to encourage local people to look at it and let us know their views, especially once the draft plan document is published.

We hope that the plan will pass through assessment  by an independent government planning examiner by summer of this year. The way will then be clear for South Hams District Council to organise  the referendum for residents of the three parish areas to vote on the plan.


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