It’s mandatory for town and parish councils to hold an Annual Town Meeting for their local electors between March and June.  The purpose of the meeting is to provide the opportunity for local residents to receive reports on local council business and to discuss community business.

The Annual Town Meeting 2018 for Kingsbridge residents, similar to previous years, will be held as an interactive drop-in session between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 noon tomorrow morning Saturday April 21st at the Farmers Market in the Town Square.

This is a super opportunity to speak to your town councillors, receive the latest news, offer up your ideas and get that nagging issue ‘off your chest’.  For example:  what public realm improvements do you think are needed for Fore Street? what should be done with the dilapidated Montagu Road and Homelands play spaces? give us your take on the Town Council’s ambitions and priorities? and check out how the Town Council’s proportion of your council tax will be spent in the current financial year ending March 2019.  The proposal for a Kingsbridge Neighbourhood Plan will also be introduced.

Kingsbridge Town Council is the local authority closest to Kingsbridge residents.  It is consulted on nearly everything that happens in the Kingsbridge community and is responsible for a wide range of public realm business in the town.  Whether you are at work, rest or play the Town Council is probably involved somewhere to a greater or lesser degree.  Town Councillors will be available tomorrow to explain the council’s role and to answer your questions.  It’s always good to talk!

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