Following the General Election you have woken up today to discover your new government.  However, Kingsbridge Town Council is the layer of governance closest to Kingsbridge residents.  So how does it fit into the picture?  Town and parish councils make up the 4th tier of government here in the South Hams:  central, county, district and then local councils.  Local councils are just that:  they are local with the capacity to ‘see and hear’ the local community.  They are sensitive to local issues, aware of the history, know townsfolk personally and can work in partnership with larger authorities and other agencies.  In summary they are the voice of the local community.  In reality local councils have limited power, and limited funds, and therefore the challenge, as always, is to make that voice heard.

Kingsbridge Town Council is made up of 13 councillors who serve for a 4 year term with the next local elections scheduled to take place in May 2019.  Members are non-political and do not have an allegiance to political parties.  They serve the 3 town wards:  East, North and Westville.  The town council meets at 7.00 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of each month in the Council Chamber at Quay House (apart from during the month of August which is taken as the summer recess).  Additionally, the council has 5 committees which consider specific business.  The Finance, Parks & Open Spaces, Policy and Property Committees meet at least quarterly through the year and the Planning Committee meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month save August as above.  There are also occasional committees and working groups which consider specific matters e.g.  the Flood Resilience & Winter Weather Committee.

All meetings are open to the public who are very welcome to attend.  Agendas and minutes are available in Quay House, on our website and Facebook page; and the minutes of full council meetings are also posted on the large notice board at the bottom of Fore Street.  At the outset of all council meetings a 15 minute period is set aside, known as the Public Open Forum, for members of public to make statements or ask questions.  This is an informal part of the meeting and local residents are actively encouraged to make the town council aware of their ideas or concerns.

Our aim is to sustain Kingsbridge as a great place to live, work and play.  Our task therefore is to engage with the local community, to take on board your needs and wishes, and to try, whenever and wherever we can, to make sure that something is done about them.  If it’s not within our gift to help you then hopefully we can support you by lobbying on your behalf.  We want to receive your feedback so please do not hesitate to tell us how we are doing.  If you wish to raise any matters please contact your ward Town Councillor, Town Clerk or the Reception Office team.  We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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