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The aim is to provide useful information about the town council’s business. We hope you enjoy this website and discover what you were looking for. If you didn’t – then please tell us – we are here to provide a service, to inform, and support you.


Since 2004, Kingsbridge Town Council has sponsored the Kingsbridge Citizen of the Year Award which has been very successful in recognising the outstanding achievements of local people. However, like most things in life...

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  The latest listing of road closures agreed by Devon County Council within Kingsbridge can be found here:     Road closures Kingsbridge It is likely to mean traffic disruption and roadworks in order to allow...

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Grant Aid 2017/18

Every year the Town Council awards small cash grants to local groups and organisations which actively involve the community in recreational, social, or cultural pursuits. Bids are now invited for the awards in the...

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