Weather Warning received!!

Kingsbridge Town Council have received a Yellow Warning of Snow and Ice valid from 0005 Friday 8th December to 1800 Saturday 9th December 2017.

Please be prepared! We will be checking the grit bins in Kingsbridge tomorrow and arranging for top ups where necessary. The grit bins are situated at Coronation Road, Fosse
Road, Highfield Drive, Saffron Park, Stentiford Hill, Warren Road, Washabrook Way, West Alvington Hill and Duncombe Park.

If anyone would like to sign up to become one of our Winter Weather Self Help Team and then collect grit for their road / block of flats etc in Kingsbridge they will be made very welcome! Please give us a call on 01548 853296 or email

A Few Words From….. Kingsbridge Town Council 24th November 2017

A Few Words From…..  Kingsbridge Town Council


Kingsbridge Town Council has been deliberating whether to kick start a Kingsbridge Neighbourhood Development Plan for longer than a Grateful Dead concert.  Why? well to be frank all the ‘easy’ development sites in town are long gone and while we are left with some potential sites they probably all have issues of some sort which will need to be mitigated to ensure delivery.  However, a neighbourhood plan could set out bespoke planning policies for Kingsbridge and such policies would be used to decide whether to approve planning applications.  The plan would effectively be written by the local community, not the Town Council or the local planning authority.  If it is done correctly it could get the right type of development in the right place.  And it is not just about homes, for example a plan could protect specific open spaces.  Some neighbourhood plans have been quite radical – think St Ives in Cornwall – and reflect the priorities of an area.  Ultimately, the whole community decides at a referendum vote whether the local authority should bring the plan into force.  However, because it is a legal document there are formal procedures to go through so you need to be in it for the long haul because these plans are not produced overnight.  The quickest time to produce a plan is likely to be 2 years; longest time: let’s not go there.  Still interested?  Want to hear more?  The Town Council has arranged a presentation from an experienced speaker who has been involved in over 50 neighbourhood plans across Devon at 6.00 p.m. on Wednesday December 6th in the Council Chamber at Quay House.  You are all very welcome to attend just bring an open mind.


As always, check out our Facebook page for the latest news or read our agendas and minutes at or call Reception on 01548.853296 with your query or pop into the Council Offices at Quay House.  Thanks for listening.

Changes to Stagecoach Service 3 from 29th October 2017

Devon County Council have notified us of revisions to the Service 3 (Dartmouth – Kingsbridge – Plymouth) to take effect from Sunday 29th October 2017. The revised Monday to Saturday timetable can be found at the link below.

Revised Stagecoach No3 Service


To summarise the information we have received:

The 0645 Dartmouth – Kingsbridge, 1815 Dartmouth – Kingsbridge and 1930 Kingsbridge – Dartmouth will no longer run due to very low usage.

Also due to very low usage, County Council support will no longer retain the 1850 Plymouth – Kingsbridge and 2005 Kingsbridge – Plymouth.

There are some changes for pupils travelling to Kingsbridge Community College. From the Aveton Gifford direction those entitled to County Council-assisted travel will be transferred to a dedicated school coach.
This will leave sufficient capacity for non-entitled pupils using the Stagecoach bus service and paying their own fares to Kingsbridge. From the Dartmouth direction there will continue to be sufficient capacity on the bus service for both entitled and non-entitled pupils, although ticket prices will apparently be increased to cover the cost of providing this.




An important message from Kingsbridge Town Council.


Most of you will be aware that South Hams District Council carried out a public consultation in July and presented proposals to regenerate the Kingsbridge Quayside.  Over 700 of you responded with your thoughts.  Indeed, if you did not attend the packed-out public meeting in St Edmonds Church, or answer the questionnaire itself, then you need to come up to speed now.  We make no apology for repeating ourselves:  THESE PROPOSALS HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO CHANGE THE KINGSBRIDGE WATERFRONT FOREVER.


So did anyone listen to your voice??  Well, we are all about to find out…….

The District Council’s Executive meeting to be held at 10.00 a.m. on Thursday 19th October at the Council Offices, Follaton House, Totnes is likely to receive an options report for District Councillors to discuss and agree the way forward for the Kingsbridge Quayside concept.

The options paper itself is likely to be issued on Wednesday 11th October alongside the agenda for the Executive meeting and will be available for reading on the District Council’s
website at

This is a meeting where the public can attend, speak or submit a question.
The procedure is on the website too but be aware that any questions have to be submitted in writing by 5.00 p.m. on Monday 16th October.

A summary of the consultation findings was produced recently by the District Council (again it can be read on the above website).  It has been difficult for the Town Council to make an informed decision on your responses because unfortunately the District Council appears unwilling to share the full consultation data and financial viability data with us despite a request for the same.

Suffice to say, the Kingsbridge community could be here for the long haul and the Town Council is here to represent you as best possible.
Obviously, there may be a wide range of opinions out there but the key message at this current time is:  read the Kingsbridge Quayside options report and if you want to
discover the way forward then you are encouraged to attend South Hams District Council’s Executive meeting on 19th October. 

Kingsbridge Open Space, Sport & Recreation Plan 2017-2027

Have your say!

Access to high quality open spaces and opportunities for sport and recreation makes an important contribution to our health and well-being.  But you already know that! Kingsbridge Town Council has reviewed the current facilities and resources enjoyed by the Kingsbridge community and now wishes to identify opportunities for improvements and new projects.
Therefore, we have drafted a Kingsbridge Open Space, Sport and Recreation Plan for the next 10 years and have already contacted all Kingsbridge based sports and amenity groups which have given us a helping hand.

The draft OSSR gives you:

  • a setting-the-scene introduction and rationale,
  • a stocktake of what we already have alongside current issues,
  • and suggested improvements and new facilities required.

We have not produced a glossy questionnaire with leading questions! We merely ask you to take a look at the draft document, find areas which dovetail with your own interests, and just let us have your opinions.  It’s as simple as that.  Thank you.

The deadline for your feedback is Friday 8th September.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Martin Johnson, Town Clerk, via email or 01548.857073.


OSSR part 1

OSSR part 2