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The aim is to provide useful information about the town council’s business. We hope you enjoy this website and discover what you were looking for. If you didn’t – then please tell us – we are here to provide a service, to inform, and support you.

Kingsbridge Community Champions Awards 2018

The first whiff of spring was in the air last weekend giving everyone a chance to get outside and enjoy the wonders of Kingsbridge. Well now it is time to pay tribute to the many volunteers who graciously donate their...

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Grant Aid – postponed for financial year 2018/19

  Kingsbridge Town Council will not be running its annual Grant Aid scheme which provides small cash grants to local groups. Traditionally applications are requested for late March and grants are made in April. ...

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Kingsbridge Town Council – Councillor Vacancy

There is a current vacancy on Kingsbridge Town Council.  A ‘casual vacancy’ was recently advertised but an election has not been called and therefore it falls to current Town Councillors to select a new member.  In...

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A Few Words From….  Kingsbridge Town Council  

  Wow! what a year that was.  Proposals for a One Council merger for the South Hams and West Devon, proposals for a Quayside development, proposals to move the Glastonbury Festival to Belle Hill playing fields...

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Press Release – Council Vacancy

KINGSBRIDGE TOWN COUNCIL Local Government Act 1972 Section 87(2)   CASUAL VACANCY   Notice is hereby given that a vacancy exists in the office of Town Councillor for the East Ward of Kingsbridge. Unless ten or...

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